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Katje’s Gummis
Posted: 09 August 2009 05:20 PM   [ Ignore ]  
Bit o Honey
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I just wanna say that I have been consistently impressed with gummis from Katjes. I’ve tried the Tropen Fruchte, Saure Johannisbeeren, Frucht Kaugis, YoguBerries and Berry Cassis. The Tropen Fruchte have a review already, but I think thy are the weakest of the lot. I’d love to see any of the others reviewed.

The Frucht Kaugis, YoguBerries and Berry Cassis are lovely gummis with great taste and a wonderful soft, chewy texture, and the Saure Johannisbeeren are amazingly addictive little gumdrop-like gummis.

I write this after being ridiculously disappointed with Haribo’s Tropifrutti, which tasted like scented erasers. It’s a bad sign when my brain is telling me “Not real food! Do not eat!”