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Dark Chocolate Kitkat WEIRDNESS!!
Posted: 14 July 2009 01:43 PM   [ Ignore ]  
Pixy Stix
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Hello all you sweet people! This is my first post here!

I bought a Dark Chocolate Kit Kat today at work from the Coffee truck. My work is just north of Toronto Ontario Canada….

The weirdness happened when I first bit into the 1st stick of the Kit Kat… Of course, I eat it the ‘proper way’.. nibble a bit off each end, nibble off the sides, cause you want to get the wafer section all seperate so you can crunch down on it!

So, I’m nibbling the solid choc at the end…. and it just keeps going! (this is Dark Chocolate, from the DARK SIDE)...

keeps going! I’m an inch in and it’s STILL SOLID CHOCOLATE!... HUH? no wafer goodness. The whole stick was one piece of solid chocolate! I though I’d won a lottery or something!

And the remaining three bars too, were solid dark chocolate. I must have gotten a lemon! someone asleep at the switch!

The dark choc was pretty nice, but I did miss the wafers grin

Anyone else had a solid kitkat bar???

BTW, the dark choc one I bought was the last on the truck :-( so no more!!!

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I’m jealous that you can get dark KitKats at all!

I haven’t run across one myself. But I consider you quite lucky, since I opened a box of toaster waffles the other day and found that I got only 5 in the box, not the promised 6.


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