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How to make a Poll!
Posted: 01 July 2008 06:48 AM   [ Ignore ]  
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While you can make a poll in any forum, I thought it?d be fun to keep them all in one place so it?d be easy to go vote on the newest question and of course check the current returns.

It?s a little confusing at first, but here?s how you make the poll.

Create a new Post

Below the Spell Check & Character count is a little orange link that says ?add a poll to this topic?. Click that and it will expand new options.

Add a poll question - it should be concise and specific to the answers.

The use the numbered fields below that to create the multiple choice answers. (I don?t know if there?s a limit, but I?d say keep it under 10.)

The general Message field can include more about your question, like why you?re asking it or what your own opinion is on the topic.

You can preview your message, but not the poll itself.

Only registered users can vote in polls, and you can only vote once.


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