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I NEED japanese candy!! BAD
Posted: 18 October 2008 09:06 PM   [ Ignore ]  
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Okay I used to live in Japan about 15 years ago. While I was there they had this tomato candy. It was in a pinkish purple bag with a woman on the front holding a pink umbrella. I’m pretty sure it was tomato candy, there was a picture on the front of what looked like a tomato. It’s a hard candy in the shape of a ball, the outside it rough with what I can only assume was the tomato, once you get through that its just a sweet piece of hard candy. If anyone know’s what I’m talking about please help me. I’ve had a craving for this candy since I was 10 and I’ve been to every Japanese market I can find. I have never been able to find it. If you can send me those I’ll send you any candy you want! Thanks so much smile