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Welcome to the Candy Newstand - a few rules
Posted: 28 June 2008 07:53 AM   [ Ignore ]  
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There are three things that go in this forum:

Candy Press Releases - which usually come from the candy companies or their publicists. You’re free to post the entire press release, as that’s what they want us to do. Include links if possible to the original posting of it (unless it came in an email) and any images if possible.

News Stories & Blog Posts - as most newspapers and blogs are copyrighted, please be respectful of that. However, a short excerpt that highlights the element of interest in the story (10-20 words) and then a link to the full story will give us plenty to entice us.

Candy Contests - candy companies are constantly running contests and doing giveaways. Feel free to post about any you may see and help direct us to the entire set of rules. (Reposting the rules here should be fine.)

If you are a publicist or work for a candy company you are more than welcome to post directly in this forum. However, soliciting direct sales is strictly forbidden.

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