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walmart & target is upping the chocolate selection…
Posted: 26 August 2008 05:12 AM   [ Ignore ]  
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For a while now, my super 24 hour walmart in my area (soutern NH) has been slowy building up a “classier” candy section with better selections and higher quality chocolate. Previously it’s been mostly all american crap- Hersehy caco reserve, bliss, lindt, etc but now they’re bringing in more imported stuff!

I was so excited to see Rtter Sport bars today, I picked up the milk chocolate with whole hazelenuts bar to try. It’s a bit pricey at just shy of $2 for the 100g bar, but if it’s good it’ll be worth it. I really like the canadian cadbury hazelenut bars, butwe don’t get them down here, and it’s a pain having my boyfriend ship them to me. It’d be nice if I found a “local” source for a good hazlenut bar.

I’m also rooting for some kinder poduct imports, another thing I can find in canada but not the states. I was also excited to see that they are starting to carry things like Green & Black’s I have yet to try the brand because I can never find them anywhere. =_=; Right now all they have is the blue wrapped organic plain one, i’m hopign to see some of the plethora of flavors pop up i’ve seen advertised in magazines such as Bon Appetite. I saw a few different G&B;flavors while on vacation in Maine at a health food store, but again it’s mostly just variants of dark and milk chocolate, varyign the cocoa content and organicness. I want flaaaavors!

Let me know if anyone spots Green & Black’s anywhere with a wider selection, and if you are interested in anything my walamrt has.

Edit: target in my area has really upped the ante on the chocolate asile too! They carry a larger selection of ritter’s, along with more green and black’s, endangered species and Frey’s. I picked up one bar of frey’s to try along with 2 ritter’s- cornflakes (since cyble reccomends them fairly highly) and the whole almonds. Was also tempted to try the cookie one…. no halloween candy at target yet though, dangit!


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