Thursday, September 15, 2005


Name: Twerpz
Brand: Twizzlers
Place Purchased: Convenience Store
Price: $.85
Size: 1.8 oz
Calories per ounce: 110
Type: Chew

If you’ve ever wished that your red vines were more packed with flavor, well, you can stop wishing. Twerpz are here and they come in more than red flavor, they come in orange, too!

They were introduced last year and only come in this paired flavor combo. They’re a slightly larger nib (short piece of a vine) with a larger center that’s filled with a tart and chewy center, simlilar to a Starbust (I know, a Mars product).

Upon opening the package they do smell distinctly of strawberry with a hint of Elmer’s glue (what is it with that glue smell?). The candies themselves are kinda cute and a really good size. I had fun photographing them. The outside is the typical bland and sweet vine and the inside is a really intense burst of sour and soft chew. I prefer the orange ones to the strawberry, but if you’ve been reading here for very long you’ll know that I eschew red things. (click the photo for a larger version)

I think they’re a nice addition to Twizzler line - more flavorful, really easy to eat at a movie or to share with others. I’d be fun to see other flavors, but I think that strawberry and orange are a natural start.

Rating - 7 out of 10

Twizzler’s Twerpz were discontinued, but the Jolly Ranchers Awesome Twosome (also made by parent company Hershey’s) may be an adequate substitute for some folks.

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  1. I had some of these last week.  I thought it had a strange chemical aftertaste to them.  I don’t care to have them again.

    Comment by Anonymous on 12/31/69 at 4:00 pm #
  2. They look tasty… I wonder if they’d be better if the inside was more of a gel instead?

    I’ll have to pick these up when I see them… *adds them to growing list*

    Comment by Tindy on 12/31/69 at 4:00 pm #
  3. I love twerpz.

    Comment by mariko on 12/31/69 at 4:00 pm #
  4. I love the smell of Elmer’s glue, almost as much as library paste.

    Comment by russ on 12/31/69 at 4:00 pm #
  5. When I was growing up, I used to bite off the ends of a red vine and then use it as a straw for my soda.  Good times.  Good times.

    Comment by Marvo on 12/31/69 at 4:00 pm #
  6. Cybele's avatar

    Marvo, I think they actually make a “red vine” straw and sell them at the counter at 7-11s and such for Slurpees. I think they’re a bit bigger in diameter though.

    Comment by Cybele on 12/31/69 at 4:00 pm #
  7. Trust a kid (12) They are Horrible…the Gel inside makes them Even Worse..No Offence to anyone who Might like them!

    Comment by Cheymarie13 on 12/31/69 at 4:00 pm #
  8. I think Twerpz are delicious, and I hope they are around for a long time.  I would, however, describe the inner chewy filling more along the lines of ‘tangy’ than ‘sour’.

    Comment by David on 12/13/05 at 11:23 am #
  9. twerpz twerpz how do i love thee, i eat you for breakfast every day you see!  i eat them for lunch and yes i have a hunch i might not be getting any thinner but i will eat them for dinner!

    Comment by J@B on 2/04/06 at 1:37 pm #
  10. I love Twerps!  I cannot stop eating them.  I have even purchased the large bag at Target and eaten all of them!  They are so dangerous!

    Comment by Maureen on 6/27/06 at 6:43 pm #
  11. I agree tweprz are my all time favorite but over in ct i cant find the damn things anymore i almost thought they stopped them because of like poisons or something but i love them

    Comment by I agree tweprz on 8/12/06 at 11:57 am #
  12. I beleive this candy is fricken amazing… and I wish they sold em in bigger bags…

    Comment by Rachel on 9/11/06 at 6:37 pm #
  13. THIS IS THE BEST CANDY EVER! I absolutly LOVE twerpz! I am 12 and everyone I know HATES them, but to me, they are the best candy that has ever been made!

    Comment by Randy on 10/29/06 at 12:05 pm #
  14. I love these but it seems that they have been discontinued. The only place I could find them in town was Target and they all their bags marked down to 68 cents. I bought 4 bags and now I need a fix and can’t get it!

    Comment by Elizabeth K on 11/19/06 at 6:10 pm #
  15. Twerpz are a rare breed of candy that everyone seems to love or hate. I salivate just thinking about them. My boyfriend is absolutely addicted and they are a must whenever we buy snacks. We’ve given to strangers when we’re out, because people can’t help but asking “What ARE those?” and of course the pungent aroma coming from the bag. The reactions have been mixed.

    Comment by Theresa on 4/23/07 at 1:16 am #
  16. Omg, I LOVE Twerpz.  I’m addicted to them! 

    I actually bought them because I was craving Tweeterz, another Twizzler-brand of candy, and I thoughht these might be similar.  They weren’t, but they’re just as delicious!

    I’m not too fond of using my Twizzler’s as a straw.  The first time I did that was incidently also the first time I had an alchoholic beverage (champagne.)  Not a good combo…Maybe I should give the Twizzler straw another chance in a less offensive drink.

    Comment by Rita on 5/18/07 at 6:41 am #
  17. OMG i luv twerpz they ROC out loud ttly I can’t get ENough

    Comment by Mookie on 6/26/07 at 3:19 pm #
  18. Twerpz are SOOO yummy!  I love them so much.  You can find the larger bags at places like CVS.  I can manage to polish a little bag in 2 days.  Any Twizzler product is addictive for me!

    Comment by Karey on 9/26/07 at 9:34 am #
  19. Simply put the best candy ever.

    Comment by E.S on 10/18/07 at 3:33 pm #
  20. I am addicted to Twerpz but have not been able to find them for the last several months in the Boston area.  CVS and Shaw’s no longer carries them; does ANYONE know where I can find them?

    Comment by Katie on 10/27/07 at 9:21 am #
  21. I’m also addicted to these things, and like Katie and others noted, they have also been discontinued at the CVS stores in the DC area (a total travesty!!!)  One note as far as those who think the flavor was odd/offensive - sometimes I found that periodically the orange ones could have a bitter taste (but it never stopped me from eating another one, just in case!)

    Hershey, save us!  Bring them back!!!

    Comment by TW on 12/10/07 at 11:01 am #
  22. The safeway supermaket chain carry’s Twerpzs, I normally buy two bags a week there from them.

    Comment by Chris on 12/20/07 at 12:30 pm #
  23. I love Twerpies!  I eat them all the time, as well.  Right now, i got them on sale at Walgreens, and there are 7 bags in front of me.  Obsessed?  Just a little!

    Comment by Kte Twerp on 2/01/08 at 2:26 pm #
  24. twerpz are absolutely the best candy i’ve ever tried to date. if this discontinued rumor is true i am heartbroken. they seem to be selling at the drug stores in big size, and all the movie theatres sell them.
    DEEEELIICCIOOUS…must go purchase some now.
    does anyone else find them addictive?

    Comment by yumyumyum on 4/07/08 at 11:28 am #
  25. help!! does anyone know where i can get some twerps?  i am so addicted to them and i cannot find any now

    Comment by donna purzycki on 9/18/08 at 8:08 am #
  26. I have been buying my Twerps at Walgreens in CT, and now that I’ve got myself & everyone I know hooked on them, I can’t find them there anymore. This is an outrage!!! I need to know where I can buy more Twerpz!

    Comment by MC on 9/19/08 at 6:25 am #
  27. love em till death

    Comment by moh on 9/19/08 at 12:15 pm #
  28. Ah! I LOVE Twerps! I even wrote a blog entry about them! I’ve been known to eat an entire bag of them in one sitting (not recommended.)

    Comment by flutterbyblue on 9/30/08 at 11:31 am #
  29. OMG! Walgreens is where I was buying my Twerps then I noticed a shelf tag that they were discontinuing stocking them. I bought up all I could find (sorry other Twerps lovers in central CT). Now I’m out and I can’t find them anywhere! I love this candy. I’m totally addicted!! Where can we get our Twerps now?

    Comment by metalmaiden on 10/02/08 at 9:18 am #
  30. Twerpz are amazing! And what I find really neat about them is that not a whole lot of people really know what they are. Walgreens actually discontinued them a few weeks ago, and this was really disappointing, because they are so hard for me to find! I hope they stick around

    Comment by Tarah on 10/18/08 at 6:41 am #
  31. Yesterday I saw Twerpz Strawberry stuffed with orange! I had not heard of them before, but today I checked this blog so I’m going to buy some after work!

    Location - Shopper’s Drug Mart, Toronto, ON.

    Has anyone spotted them in the US of A?

    Comment by lpkay on 10/21/08 at 5:14 am #
  32. lpkay's avatar

    A correction to my comment #31. The Twerpz I saw were not strawberry stuffed with orange, instead they are the expected 2 strawberry/orange flavours. The store lighting made the orange and red colours look the same.

    Comment by lpkay on 10/22/08 at 8:42 am #
  33. i am inlove with twerpz. i always bought the huge bags and ate them all! i found them at walgreens or CVS, but now they arent sold there anymore. where do they sell twerpz now?!

    Comment by Allison on 11/02/08 at 1:05 pm #
  34. Twerpz

    order online -

    There was a helpful post about Twizzler Sourz spotted at Blockbuster. Please post if you spot Twerpz there too.

    Comment by lpkay on 11/03/08 at 3:56 pm #
  35. I love Twerps…I can eat a bag a day.  Where can I buy them other that Hagan Stores?  Walgreen’s stopped selling them.  Help!!

    Comment by Loretta Culler on 11/14/08 at 8:34 am #
  36. I’ve tried contacting Hershey Co about this.

    At their website it still lists Walgreens as a place to purchase Twerpz but, as we all have commented, they are not available there any longer.
    Through the website I contacted then to tell them that the item is not available at Walgrrens and asked where I could buy them now. My email contact was “answered” over a week later with a form letter stating that the product is still being made and is available all over the country. It then went on to tell me that their records show that the product was scanned for purchase at several Walgreen’s in my area over the last 3 months. Apparently they didn’t read my letter very carefully! or they just don’t care?

    Anyone else have any contact with Hershey on Twerpz availability?

    Comment by metalmaiden on 11/14/08 at 9:26 am #
  37. I love twerpz and can’t find it anywhere—-was at walgreen—-checked st louis, belleville, fairview htgs swansea and all surrounding stores—————-where can I get it from

    Comment by dette on 11/18/08 at 8:05 am #
  38. Two dudes from Canada here and we can’t find our beloved twerpz anywhere we look for them.  WTF???

    Comment by James and Marc on 11/30/08 at 9:49 am #
  39. BEST CANDY EVER! the only place I can find them is online, but it’s totally worth it!

    Comment by Alexis on 12/15/08 at 5:54 pm #
  40. Where can I buy Twerps???  I love them and can’t find them anywhere??

    Comment by Carrie on 12/17/08 at 3:32 pm #
  41. Found them at my local Block Buster by pure coincidence.  Give it a try Carrie.  They are definitely not off the market or discontinued.  They’re just that good, they can’t stay on the shelves.

    Comment by James and Marc on 12/18/08 at 2:25 am #
  42. I love these candies…what has happened?
    They are double-d-licious!
    Please bring em’back!

    Comment by kim on 2/05/09 at 9:16 am #
  43. I found these at my local Block Buster in Vancouver area… they are the best!!

    Comment by BRAT on 2/26/09 at 7:28 am #
  44. I love twerpz they are the best candy ever

    Comment by samantha on 3/07/09 at 3:03 pm #
  45. I wish they came in more flavors! These are so good, but I get bored of the same 2 flavors.

    Comment by Shannon on 5/08/09 at 12:50 pm #
  46. Twerpz are not only in my personal Top-5 list for favorite candy, but they are giving Starburst a battle for top spot.

    Anyway, I too have recently been getting the feeling that Twerpz were being discontinued, since all the stores I frequented who carried Twerpz had them on clearance or on a “2 for 1” special.

    So this morning I went to Hershey’s site to vent my frustrations, and I found they have a “Product Locator” tool (

    The magnificent and magical “product locator” device informed me that Twerpz were available at many “Copps” grocery stores near me, among some other locations as well. Lo and behold, I have just returned from one of the listed locations, and I have 5 large bags of Twerpz in my possession… but not for long. That website again is:

    I hope it works for you too!

    Comment by Andy Lensing on 5/28/09 at 8:35 am #
  47. I adore this candy!! All four of my children love them as well. I am finding it increasingly difficult to locate venders who sell them. Even going to the Hershey’s website didn’t help me find a vender unfortunately. Hopefully they will come back bigger and better than ever!!

    Comment by Maureen K from NEPA on 6/28/09 at 7:07 am #

    Comment by matt hanna on 6/28/09 at 2:35 pm #
  49. I like these Twerpz very much.  But I can’t find then anywhere.  Please help me find some.  My son is living in Mexico and he asked me to send him some. Thanks

    Comment by Pamela Knight on 8/17/09 at 12:26 pm #
  50. I went to Hersheys site and used the product locator and Twerps werent listed as an option. I see they just came out with some new ones that, from the commercials, seem to be similar to Twerpz. We’ll see?!?!?! I love Twerpz and I am so heartbroken! I am in school and they are the ultimate up all night studying snack!

    Comment by Danielle Lathan on 8/21/09 at 7:55 pm #
  51. OMG twerps are the BEST candy EVER!! Me and my best friend LOVE them and have been going crazy trying to find them anywhere but they are nowhere to be found… Make them come backkkkkkk!! :(

    p.s. the new ones in the comercial that look similar to twerps are NOTHING like them they taste horrible.. dont bother you’ll just be dissapointed!

    Comment by Angie on 9/01/09 at 9:05 pm #
  52. I TOTALLY AGREE!! I can’t find Twerpz anywhere anymore. I even resorted to buying them on the web. When I saw the ad for the product I thought maybe, just maybe, this would be a product for me but No, NO, NO these are not at all the same and I think the taste is HORRIBLE! I’m very disappointed.

    Comment by metalmaiden on 9/02/09 at 7:43 am #
  53. Herseys is no longer making Twerpz according to a company representative.  I ask that everyone who loved them like I did, boycott all Hershey products until they bring them back.  Twerpz always sold out every place I ever saw them so I can’t understand why they would stop making them. I persoanlly will do my best never to buy another Hershey’s product again in my life.

    Comment by sara on 9/22/09 at 5:40 am #
  54. Hershey also told me that they are not making Twerpz “at this time”.
    BUT on a recent trip to Niagera Falls Canada I went into a Hershey store and THERE THEY WERE!!!! Bags and bags of Twerpz!!! (at a very high tourist trap price I might add)  I grabbed as many bags as I could carry…and legally get through customs back home to the USA. I guess these were left over product?? Or are they still being made in Canada?? They had no idea at the store of the status of Twerpz.
    I’m sure going to miss this candy!

    Comment by metalmaiden on 10/17/09 at 6:40 am #
  55. found these for almost $5 a bag for 10 oz size off ebay—sorry all I bought all 20 some bags he had left BUT ebay still has convenience sizes for sale. I also just found at another site and they claim to have in stock—will be ordering and see if available really and will try to post IF they carry still. Of course I am trying to get my fix first smile

    Comment by shebacowgirl on 10/27/09 at 9:29 am #
  56. twerps twerps where did you go. i loved you so much, i miss you so. come back come back come back to me, without your sweet taste, i can not be. i bought you at target, that fabulous place. please come back into the limelight so i can shove you in my face. i have not seen you in quite some time, anyone who loves candy would see this a crime. i wish you were near, my twerps so dear, come back to me twerps i wish here.

    love always, your biggest fan

    Comment by SELL TWERPS AGAIN!! on 11/06/09 at 8:41 pm #
  57. I had never heard of this candy Twerpz but my granddaughter absolutely loves them and I would be thrilled if I could find her some for her Christmas stocking!!! I have read all the comments and written down all the stores where people have said they found them. Sure hope I can find some for her, she would be thrilled. Now I’m so curious as to what they’re like. Didn’t see many folks from CA so I may not be able to find them at all.

    Comment by Carol on 11/19/09 at 4:00 pm #
  58. it is true that they are not making anymore
    just got ahold of about 100 10oz bags
    trying to get some more
    will put it up for sale if you all want some

    Comment by robert on 12/04/09 at 7:55 am #
  59. TWERPS are available right now on line at!!! You can buy a big box for $26.00 - a lot of money, but my son will be shocked!!! Good luck! MERRY CHRISTMAS 2009!

    Comment by Linda Greer on 12/18/09 at 7:17 am #
  60. the ones from Amazon are SMALL 1.8 oz bags—last I got from ebay were the 10 oz or so—can order these(1.8 oz) through wholesale provider or local grocery store just better for our cravings to find large bags which are hard to come by.

    Comment by shebacowgirl on 12/18/09 at 7:24 am #
  61. I love Twerps! They are amazing. I had some last year and remembered them so i searched for them. They are so fruity and I love them even though I hate regular twizzlers. You should go buy some!

    Comment by Macy on 1/02/10 at 4:10 pm #
  62. Just before we got engaged, my husband and I went to Hershey Park-in-the-Dark to celebrate Halloween.  Even at Hershey Park, we found Twerpz only at one small candy shop just inside the gates, and inside Chocolate World.  We bought one bag when we arrived, but finished it off too quickly… which is how we know that nowhere else inside the park had them.  We bought 3 or 4 more bags when we left, but haven’t found them since.  We’ve missed them dreadfully!!

    Tomorrow we go in search of Twizzler’s new sour filled version, hoping that Hershey failed to market Twerpz properly, and integrated their failed product into an already well loved brand.

    Comment by pinkcurtain on 2/03/10 at 8:22 pm #
  63. I love twerpz! My best friend had told me how she loved them soo much but they are no where to be found, so for her birthday in February I went on amazon and bought her a huge box of 36. I was hoping that after we eat them all I could get more but when I looked for them today on amazon it said they were no longer being sold, and so did many other candy websites. I’m really dissapointed that my favorite candy is gone forever :(.

    Comment by Bridget on 5/15/10 at 7:28 am #
  64. Bridget
    Where I live in Brooklyn
    You could still find the small bags
    The 10oz bags are gone
    But the box with the small bags
    If you want you could buy boxes of them
    Let me know will try to help you out
    The best candy by far!!
    What a shame they stopped making them

    Comment by mendy on 5/16/10 at 9:02 am #
  65. Bring back twerpz! Where can I buy these: favorite candy of all time.

    Comment by Nate on 6/12/10 at 1:30 pm #
  66. hey im looking for twerpz ..i live in poughkeepsie ny about 60 miles north of nyc,. I will pay whatever price for them. My good friend loves them and I want to surprise him with them. I have been looking everywhere…if anyone can help please let me know…thanks

    Comment by Michelle morabito on 7/02/10 at 5:54 pm #
  67. i got a large stock of these twerpz 20 dollars for a large bag includes shipping and handeling email me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

    Comment by yoni on 10/19/10 at 7:07 pm #
  68. Please bring back Twerpz i love them as do all of my friends, i am willing to buy cases at a time if you would see them online…..They are the best candy i have ever tasted and now they are gone….WHY!!!!!

    Comment by Joy on 7/25/11 at 3:29 pm #

    Comment by Gissele on 9/20/11 at 5:31 pm #
  70. Please bring them.back or tell me where i can get some
    Mu family is wantimg them bad

    Comment by casey on 4/03/13 at 3:47 pm #
  71. Please bring back twerpz I love these things I am craving them can I purchase anywhere.

    Comment by jessica goodman on 4/15/13 at 9:30 am #
  72. where can i get twerpz in Vancouver Bc

    Comment by Amanda on 9/15/13 at 11:15 am #
  73. Best candy ever, , why? At least give us an explanation as to why they are no longer on the market!!!Please, or make something very similar to Twerpz! Please
    seriously begging you,  on my knees!!!

    Comment by Kristina on 10/31/13 at 11:36 pm #

    Comment by Gianna on 1/15/14 at 1:13 pm #
  75. My wife and I called them Crack Candy…. These things were so addictive!!!!! We would would actually get into arguments whenever someone ate the last few pieces… Straight up. We have searched high and low for twerps, but with no success. After reading these blogs about how much other people loved them too, I feel relieved that it wasn’t just us!

    I feel normal again….

    Comment by Stephon on 2/01/14 at 8:05 pm #
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