Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Melville Candy Company Tea Spoons

One of my favorite booths to visit at any food show is Melville Candy Company. Not only is their candy pretty, the guys that run the company are always really enthusiastic and seem to really love the products they make. (Which is what we all expect from folks who work in candy, but you’d be surprised at some attitudes I’ve run across.)

There’s always someone at the aisle handing out Honey Spoons (so I always have a stash at home). The spoon line at Melville’s is expanding. They have their honey varieties, and the flavored spoons and now they’re making actual tea spoons.


This spoon is a mix of tea and sugar and, I think, honey.

It can be eaten as is or mulled in some hot water to create a beverage! Instead of being an “instant tea” though, there are actual tea leaves in there.

Even though it looks a little weird, I found this to be a really tasty combination. Like a cup of sweet tea. The dark brewed flavors & tannins were there along with the light malty taste of honey.

Jasmine Green Tea Spoon

The second variety I picked up was the Jasmine Green Tea Spoon. This opaque spoon is dark green with a strong freshly mowed lawn scent.

Green Tea made from a Candy SpoonThough I prefer eating my candy, I decided to see what it would be like to make this into a beverage, as it’s actually designed to do. So I made up a cup of hot water and popped in the Jasmine Green Tea Spoon.

(Well, actually, I tasted the spoon first. It was sweet, terribly bitter and very grassy tasting, just like matcha powder.)

I let it melt for a while and then pulled out the spoon. It’d gotten stuck to the bottom of the cup and made a long, soft string of hard candy. It was fun to bend around and then stir into the hot water. It turned the water green pretty quickly, too.

I left it alone for five minutes and then stirred well again to get the pictured version here.

It smells quite grassy, a lot like henna or wet hay.

I found the beverage was far too sweet for me, but I’m also not a fan of sweetening my tea or chai lattes.

As a lollipop though it was a quite a refreshing change from the normal lemon & cherry variety.

They’re not featured on the Melville website just yet. But there are some other fun items that I saw at the show but haven’t tried yet that I thought I’d mention:

Melville’s has really been thinking outside the box lately. Though their honey spoons collections are expensive, they are unique and come in a huge variety of honey types & with added flavorings.

Their other new products include tea spoons made with real cinnamon sticks, for extra flavor.

The most innovative (and perhaps silliest) is their line of Cereal Flavoring Spoons. They come in Apple Cinnamon and Cinnamon & Sugar. I’m guessing if you’re not eating already-sweetened cereal, this is no worse than spoonfuls of sugar or honey. (I do like a heaping pile of lumps of brown sugar in my hot cereal.) Eating from a spoon made of sugar would mean sweetness & flavor in every bite, especially with a real cinnamon stick for a handle.

They’re still a bit expensive, but small batch candy often is. They’re not the kind of treat I’d buy often, but definitely a fun thing for guests or when you travel.

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Name: Tea Spoons
  • 10 SUPERB
  • 9 YUMMY
  • 8 TASTY
  • 7 WORTH IT
  • 4 BENIGN
Brand: Melville Candy Company
Place Purchased: samples from Fancy Food Show
Price: ~$1.50 each
Size: .5 ounces
Calories per ounce: unknown
Categories: Hard Candy, United States, Melville

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  1. Odd that the supposed “jasmine” spoon tastes like matcha. That would bother me :\

    Comment by Jitterro on 2/18/09 at 1:09 pm #
  2. This is so cool!  I would totally buy these.  I like sweet teas (but then again, I am from the south, so there you go…)

    Comment by Elise on 2/18/09 at 4:04 pm #
  3. I love chai, i wish they made a chai spoon!

    Comment by Sweet Pursuit on 2/18/09 at 7:18 pm #
  4. Tricia's avatar

    What a clever play on words - a tea spoon! I’d love to send some to my MIL, except she doesn’t like sweet tea very much. Hmmm…

    By the way, minor quibble, but your third-to-last paragraph seems to be missing something.

    Comment by Tricia on 2/19/09 at 1:24 pm #
  5. Neat! I can’t wait to try the tea spoons out. Well, the tea & sugar one in particular.

    Comment by Sweet Candy on 3/06/09 at 7:53 am #
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