Monday, November 27, 2006

Russell Stover Coconut Wreath

imageI went looking for Christmas candy of all sorts last week during the holiday break. I seem to have the best luck at Walgreen’s since they have dependable sales and a clean store (I also went to Target, but everything came in super-jumbo bags). As I expected Russell Stover’s has their assortment of single-serving goodies that are similar to the Easter and Halloween ones. I did, however, find one that I’d not seen before, the Russell Stover Coconut Wreath

They were on sale for 50 cents, so I could hardly pass it up. I’m a sucker for coconut haystacks which is what I expected this to be.

I wasn’t disappointed either. The plop of coconut and milk chocolate was shiny and smelled of coconut. The coconut was crunchy and well-toasted, giving it a much more chewy texture than something like a Mounds bar. The coconut bits were rather small, like little flecks instead of being little curls like you’d find in a bag of coconut shreds in the baking aisle.

It wasn’t too sweet at all, just a nice mellow mix with an interesting texture.

If I was disappointed it was at the shape. I expected something that looked like a donut, instead it’s just a plop. What’s like a wreath about this? Or was mine malformed and had a filled center?

I have to say that I’m pleased that Candy Blog has prompted me to give the Russell Stover holiday lines a chance. Their quality is excellent (no PGPR in the chocolate) and when on sale they’re about the same price as any consumer candy bar and usually feature less common flavor combinations.

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Name: Coconut Wreath
  • 10 SUPERB
  • 9 YUMMY
  • 8 TASTY
  • 7 WORTH IT
  • 4 BENIGN
Brand: Russell Stover
Place Purchased: Walgreen's (Echo Park)
Price: $.50
Size: .875 ounces
Calories per ounce: 160
Categories: Chocolate, Coconut, United States, Russell Stover, Christmas

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  1. How funny…they had exactly the same thing at Easter and called it a bird’s nest!  (There were 3 little jelly beans in the center.)  I enjoyed it very much (which kind of surprised me).  The texture was really nice.

    Comment by Lesley on 11/27/06 at 9:22 am #
  2. Looks like yours was not deffective:

    Comment by Nicole on 11/27/06 at 10:20 am #
  3. hey
    you finally jumped the christmas bandwagon-its hard not. You go in any store and it’s in your face
    this is a bit of a random question, but does anyone organize candy swaps? happy candy days
    wow i am a chocolate junkie

    Comment by Heather on 11/27/06 at 2:29 pm #
  4. Hi. I think I mostly lurk but here’s my two cents. I think they’re usually wreathy with a hole in the middle. At least that’s how I remember them.

    Comment by rainbowthespian on 11/27/06 at 2:59 pm #
  5. has anyone noticed that the russell stover assortments no longer feature individual paper cups, but have been replaced with molded plastic inserts?  it feels SO cheap now

    Comment by ruffy on 11/27/06 at 6:56 pm #
  6. Cybele's avatar

    Lesley - I forgot all about the Bird’s Nest (I think all things considered I’d prefer to eat a wreath than a nest).

    Nicole - I forgot to check X Entertainment! Thanks for the link.

    Heather - Yes on the Candy Swaps! Try and

    Rainbow - I think they got lazy, but considering that the whole thing isn’t even an ounce, I’m better off without the hole!

    Ruffy - I haven’t had a boxed assortment in years. Living in an area with See’s they’re not much of a temptation.

    Comment by Cybele on 11/28/06 at 7:16 am #
  7. Ooooh. I love these. I prefer the wintertime version because it isn’t contaminated by jelly beans.

    Comment by Abi on 12/06/06 at 2:41 pm #
  8. Ruffy, I noticed, and that’s why I’m here. I was looking for a place to rant.

    Not only is it now a molded tray, but it’s only 12 ounces! Same size box as the long-time 16 oz, but it’s been chopped 25%!!!

    Now I know why the price was such a surprise when I bought it.

    I’m pretty peeved about this.


    Comment by Pam on 12/19/06 at 5:18 pm #
  9. My comment is for cybele.  I also love the coconut haystacks from the past and had found the Russell Stover wreaths.  I now have found something new (yet familiar) to me and that is the Valentines Day version of this called the Russell Stover Love Nest.  It is on sale this week at Walgreens with coupon for 39cents. This is fresh and delicious so as far as what shape they make it in -at whatever the holiday - it tastes great.  I bought a dozen and it is not enough.  My husband loves them now as well (unfortunately for my stash!) and eats them 2 or 3 at a time.  Good candy!

    Comment by dee on 1/15/10 at 6:34 am #
  10. My treat once a year is the birds nest. I wait for it - I ignore Halloween, Christmas and Valentines candy. I didn’t even know wreaths and love nests existed but the moment the cadbury eggs come out, on the hunt for the birds nest. Well, imagine my surprise as I unwrapped my first nest in a year tonight, anticipation rising at the first bite, paying close attention not to let one of the jelly bean eggs fall off, only to see that there are NO MORE JELLY BEAN EGGS. I love the combo of the rich chocolate and the tangy jelly beans. Its just NOT the same. I understand cutting costs but really, was this necessary? I was a tiny bit disappointed I couldn’t find green ones last year - I liked the variety. But this is enough to make be find a new favorite candy…or maybe just by a bag of jelly bellies too!

    Comment by BrodieB on 2/19/10 at 2:59 pm #
  11. I too was disappointed with the no jelly beans on the Russel Stover coconut nest.I bought a nest for valentine’s day
    and expected red jelly beans,  but nothing so I thought okay they are saving the beans for more appropriate easter since eggs are symbolic of easter etc. When I opened my first easter nest this year,
    no longer a nest shape really just a blob with no eggs.
    It is still tasty,  but this has taken away the fun of guessing what
    color eggs you might get, how many 3 or 4 etc.  These
    cost-cutting measures are eroding the small pleasures in life.

    Comment by ellen on 2/22/10 at 7:19 am #
  12. Coconut nests have always been my favorite. Every year during this time I scour stores looking for the familiar package sitting next to cadbury eggs. I was thrilled when I found them. When taken from their hiding place that safely kept them from the children until they could be fully enjoyed, and opened, my heart sank. No jellybeans. Phooey.

    Comment by Theresa Hoskins on 2/24/10 at 6:40 am #
  13. Coconut nests are my favorite yearly holiday treat, and like BrodieB, I was shocked and chagrined to discover that the “nest” no longer contained jelly bean “eggs.” What’s the point of a nest without eggs?!? I’m not a big fan of jelly beans as a rule, but I liked them in combination with the chocolate-coconut, and I, too, had my little rituals with the jelly beans, like eating one with the chocolate, and saving the others to enjoy separately. It may be a small thing, but I feel like Russell Stover has stolen a little bit of my joy, and that’s unfortunate. In these hard times, we need all the fun and joy we can get, however small it may seem. If you would like to tell Russell Stover how you feel, here’s a link to their customer service contact page:,3,165,179
    If enough of us tell them to “Bring Back the Jelly Beans!” maybe they’ll listen. Best case scenario is that they can make two varieties, one with jelly beans for those of us who like them, and one without for those who don’t, and maybe charge a few cents more for the ones with jelly beans. Sounds like a win-win situation to me.

    Comment by Kristin on 2/24/10 at 1:42 pm #
  14. The Birds Nest of my childhood are no longer.  It was so exciting to anticipate going to my Grandmothers home where she always had the pastel green (for Easter)Bird Nest candy WITH 3 little jellybeans in each.  They were made out of tinted white chocolate with coconut, of course.  Now they no longer make these and the milk chocolate ones no longer have jellybeans.  What is a nest without the eggs??????? 
    It also seems that Russell Stovers has succumed to the level of all candy companies.  No longer are certain candies just for certain holidays.  They make everything the same now and just change the picture on the wrapper.  Nothing to look forward too anymore.  Marshmallow chicks were only for Easter and in my house still are.  Snickers don’t come in pastel wrappers to be called Easter Candy.  Easter was only for Easter candy.  Ribbon Candy is only for Christmas time etc.  Kids now days are jipped (sp?) and don’t even know it.

    Comment by Mary Wozniak on 3/01/10 at 9:33 am #
  15. I grew up with the Coconut Nests, and have loved them all my life. I was sorely disappointed when they discontinued the white chocolate Green Nests, but this year apparently nobody’s laying at Russell Stover—- no jellybean/eggs in the nest! It’s not nest-shaped any more, either. Looks like a squashed horse plop.

    Comment by ArtistJane on 3/06/10 at 1:25 pm #
  16. I am eating a bird’s nest as I write this. smile. I guess I’m the only one okay with no jelly beans. These are my crack - I love the toasted coconut. I feel your pain though - Imo it’s one of life’s travesties that green candy is no longer lime.

    Comment by Kate on 3/08/10 at 7:50 pm #
  17. My loving husband came home with my FAVORITE Easter chocolates - I look forward to them every year!  When I first opened the package I noticed there were no jelly beans.  not a big deal (I guess)  and THEN I noticed that the chocolate looked a little different (“squashed horse plop” was right) and then the worst moment of all:  I bit into it to find there was hardly ANY coconut in the whole candy!! The whole reason i like them is because of the coconut. :(

    What has Russell Stover done to my favorite candy??

    Comment by SoDisappointed on 3/11/10 at 6:18 pm #
  18. What is going on???? Coconut nest with no jelly beans?? Why?? This makes the candy tastless>>> bit your chocolate truffles are still a pure delight. wink

    Comment by Trisha on 3/13/10 at 1:35 pm #
  19. Bring back the coconut nest eggs with jelly beans!!!

    Comment by Dawn on 3/13/10 at 1:36 pm #
  20. My son’s favorite Easter candy is the coconut nests.  He will be 36 this year and is living in Germany.  It is a MUST to send him a dozen coconut nests.  I was disappointed that the jelly beans are missing!  I love them too!  It is like opening a box of cracker jacks and seeing what flavor jelly beans will be there!  I must say they taste better than I remembered as the chocolate is yummy and the coconut is in little bits.  Really does not look like a nest anymore.  I have not heard from my son yet, but I know he will notice the jelly beans are gone.  I realize the economy is probably the reason you had to cut back, but I hope I am not alone in saying I would pay more to have the jelly beans back! I too lost my home this year and no jelly beans was depressing!  Just one more thing I guess!  It’s the little things that make me happy!

    Comment by diana on 3/20/10 at 7:38 am #
  21. Hi, Candy Bloggers! I share your feelings about the coconut nest issue! In fact, I even started a facebook group called “A Coconut Nest Without Jellybeans is Just a Flat Haystack” and wrote Russell Stover to let them know we have 86 members.
    Those of you who are on facebook, please consider joining our group, and tell your friends to do the same!  Let’s get those eggs back in the nests!!!!

    Comment by Julie on 3/26/10 at 11:26 pm #
  22. Was SO disappointed to find NO JELLYBEANS in my FAVORITE easter treat, the bird’s nest! :(  I understand cutting costs, but noticed the price is the same and there are NO jellybeans at all on there (could be at least ONE).  YES we noticed.

    Comment by Joline on 3/29/10 at 11:37 am #
  23. Did Russell Stover think we wouldn’t notice?  No jellybeans?  We coconut nest afficianados wait all year for the “Easter Treat”.  I am not a pure jellybean lover, but I love the combination of the jellybean and chocolate covered coconut.
    First, they discontinued the green nests.  Then, they repackaged the “nests” for other holidays which would have been O.K, except now there are NO jellybeans, smaller size, smooshed round shape, different texture, less coconut.  It looks and tastes completely different. Not the same experience!!  Bring back the old-style nests, green and chocolate!

    Comment by mp on 3/29/10 at 7:16 pm #
  24. hey julie, couldn’t find your facebook group, want to join…..! Can you post a link?

    Comment by Theresa Hoskins on 3/30/10 at 7:47 am #
  25. Guys!!! Guess what?
    You can make these yourselves!!
    It’s really easy and tastes just like the fancy ones…PLUS, you don’t have to settle for one or two; you can make a bunch, and eat them to your heart’s content—or your stomach’s ache smile
    Anyone want the recipe?

    Comment by Kris Haskins on 3/30/10 at 1:25 pm #
  26. yes

    Comment by Theresa Hoskins on 3/30/10 at 2:05 pm #
  27. Theresa - and any other readers of this blog who are interested - please feel free to join our facebook group-

    Here is the link:!/group.php?gid=110700738944094

    Comment by Julie Bailey on 3/31/10 at 4:40 pm #
  28. Sorry it took so long to put this up! I had a nasty computer virus and couldn’t do anything!
    here’s the recipe!
    BIRD’S NESTS…and to heck with Russell S. smile
    1 (12-ounce) package or 2 cups semisweet chocolate chips(OR white chips )
    1 (14-ounce) package sweetened flaked coconut
    1 (12-ounce) bag multi-colored candy-coated chocolate pieces(like M&M’s), OR candy eggs, jelly beans, or even a marshmallow Peep! Whatever you want!
    Step 1
    Pour the chocolate chips into a microwave safe bowl and place them in the microwave.
    Step 2
    Set the microwave for the half or 50 percent power level. This is important because the   chocolate will burn if cooked on full strength.
    Step 3
    Run the microwave at half strength for 40 seconds. Take the bowl out and stir the chocolate well.
    Step 4
    Repeat Step 3 until the chocolate is just melted. Once it is melted do not heat longer as it will burn. Use the chocolate quickly before it hardens.
    If using white chips, now is the time to add a few drops of green GEL food coloring, and mix in well; you may want a nice pastel green, so do not use too much.

    Drop by tablespoonfuls onto a wax paper-lined baking sheet. Using the back of a spoon, press out a hollow to form a nest.

    Divide candy-covered chocolate pieces (or whatever you decide to use) among the nests. Chill until firm~~ about 10 minutes.

    Makes 12 nests. OH, and another combo that is YUMMY is chocolate and butterscotch chips mixed together!
    I melt them together and add some chow mein noodles, and drop globs of it on foil to set. I call these “Beaver Dams,” because that’s what they look like.
    Happy Easter, All!

    Comment by Kris Haskins on 4/01/10 at 9:37 pm #
  29. OOPS!
    ...yeah, well, we DO have to toss in the COCONUT~~!!!~~~right after the morsels are melted. (I *thought* something didn’t look right)
    THEN go ahead & make the nests.

    Comment by Kris Haskins on 4/03/10 at 4:47 am #
  30. i look forward to the coconut nests.  i discovered them a couple years ago. smile i was so excited for easter this year.  i told everyone to plz buy me coconut nests and i got 9 for easter. ^_^. well i opened it and saw no jellybeans.  so i thought they somehow forgot to put jellybeans on it. i opened a second one and saw no jellybeans and got really mad.  the jellybeans give good flavor. (my opinion).  i had 4 of the coconut nests and am mad that they took out the jellybeans.  i thought it was exciting to see what jellybeans you got. now all you get is a blod of chocolate with some coconut. :’(.  i want the old ones back!

    Comment by kllmrya on 4/07/10 at 3:55 pm #
  31. Birds nest candy.  I can’t believe you took out the jelly beans.  That is so cheap, going to loose me as a customer.

    Comment by Robert Rist on 4/11/10 at 3:27 pm #
  32. VERY disappointed!  No jellybeans and also machine made now.  Chopped up bits of cocoanut, whereas before the nests/wreaths were full cut pieces of cocoanut and appeared hand made.  Cheap way of doing things now, unappealing and not special at all.  ALso, WHY do we not see the green ones anymore?  White chocolate fans loved them and much prettier than brown chocolate.  Quality control definitely lost on this new take on an old favorite.

    Comment by Janet on 5/04/10 at 8:40 am #
  33. I was reading about Russell Stover bird nests!  I always got the green nests (dyed white chocolate) in my Easter basket growing up and always seek them out when Easter candy hits the stores.  This year all I could find were chocolate ones minus jelly beans.  I was so upset, I went onto the Russell Stover website to lodge a complaint. I found out that they still sell the green nests with the jelly beans in clear cellophane just like I jused to get at as a kid.  They cost more than the ones you can get at Walgreen’s, but in my book, they’re worth it!

    Comment by Margaret on 6/19/10 at 4:38 pm #
  34. I noticed the change in shape to the more shiny molded looking blob last year , but there were still jelly beans. Then this year - no jelly beans. I like the old style better period - tecture and beans. I like the green ones also.

    Comment by Lori on 4/20/11 at 2:46 pm #
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