Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Name: Nutrageous
Brand: Reese’s (Hershey’s)
Place Purchased: Long’s Drugs
Price: $.33 (on sale)
Size: 1.8 ounces
Calories per ounce: 156
Type: Chocolate/Peanuts/Caramel

Again I’m trying another Reese’s candy bar. I’m not sure why. I think Reese’s cups are pretty darn close to candy perfection. The Nutrageous bar adds whole nuts and caramel to that.

The bar, as the photo shows, is a center of peanut butter (which is more crumbly than creamy), which has a caramel stripe under it, then the whole thing is rolled in nuts and covered in milk chocolate. It’s a really satisfying, meaty bar. Not too sweet, a good hint of salt to it and some good textures. I don’t know why I haven’t tried this bar sooner. I prefer it far and away over a Snickers bar, which is a little too sticky sweet for me.

It’s still not a “go to” bar for me. I’ll still pick up a packet of Reese’s cups before this, unless I was really looking for a calorie charge with more protein in it. (Reese’s cups has 4 grams of protein, the Nutrageous has 6 grams.)

Rating - 7 out of 10

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  1. Cybele's avatar

    (copied over from previous version of candyblog)

    Marvo said…

      I tried these when they first came out and I liked them, but I have had one since.

      November 16, 2005 1:30 PM
    Julilla said…

      This is one of my faves! The salty peanuts with the sweet chocolate…so delish.

      November 16, 2005 3:22 PM

    Comment by Cybele on 11/16/05 at 5:13 pm #
  2. We love Nutrageous, but we can’t find them anymore!!  What’s going on??

    Comment by Carol on 1/26/06 at 8:02 pm #
  3. I have been looking for the minni nutrageous bars.
    this is the one minni candy bar that my husband can actually eat and he loves them.
    I e-mailed earlier and the response was that
    there are none.
    Is there not a way to find a couple of bags???

      I will pay double for them, as my husband can not eat much of anything, so when you dinf something that he can tolerate, you want him to have it. Please let me know by e-amil or phone
    812-376-5136 work or 812-342-8947 home, you do not know how much this would mean to me to find these. thanks
    Donna Burns

    Comment by Donna burns on 12/08/06 at 2:55 am #
  4. hey does anyone have the nutrtional info for a 60g bar of this?

    Comment by midnightminx on 6/06/07 at 9:10 am #
  5. I am still looking for the nutrageous bars, and
      now the large bars seem to be going away too.
      What is the reason?

      Jay-c ,Walmart, cvs does not seem to have these
      anymore, where can we get these?


    Comment by Donna burns on 6/07/07 at 1:19 am #
  6. I’ve been looking for Nutrageous is seems like forever too.  They have them in my vending machine at work and I have found them at a few gas stations (1.12 each at the gas station).  I ran across this website where you can but a case of 24 nutrageous candy bars for 19.20 (.80/bar) plus shipping.
    I couldn’t even find a spot to order these delicious candy bars at—I guess the machine at work will keep eating my quarters until they make a come-back at Wal-mart.  LOL.

    Comment by amanda Y on 8/04/07 at 2:43 am #
  7. you can buy them on e-bay for $12.00 abox

    Comment by trish on 9/03/07 at 12:59 pm #
  8. Please advise where I can find nutrageous candy bars.

    Love them and want to buy, where?

    Comment by Martha Beazley on 11/05/07 at 3:05 pm #
  9. Nutrageous bars are the most amazing candy bars I’ve ever had! Very addictive. I buy them whenever I can!

    Comment by Sara Em on 2/29/08 at 8:19 pm #
  10. I KNOW!!! This is by far the best candy bar ever, and it is my favorite treat.

    I am a senior at Towson University in Baltimore, MD, and they have them in bulk there! At the school store and occasionally in the machines. It is the only place other than gas stations that I can find them at!! If you live in Baltimore, go to the Towson University Union store and stock up! They are .75 cents there.

    I used to find them in Safeway stores, but I don’t think they are there any longer.

    Comment by Melissa on 4/09/08 at 7:32 am #
  11. I have been looking for the Bite size NutRageous bars in all the stores around Council Bluffs and haven’t been able to find them, They are so good and I can take the bite size to work with me. I also give the bags of the bite size as presents. Everyone loves them.

    Please let me know what store I can find them in around here?

    As Always, Char

    Comment by Char on 9/07/09 at 5:19 am #
  12. I’ve been having trouble finding Reese’s Nutrageous bars too.
    I went to Reese’s homepage & found they have a product locator.

    Just put in your zip or city.

    Here is the link - hope this helps !  smile

    Comment by Julie on 9/16/09 at 11:05 pm #
  13. sell them in boxes

    Comment by John on 6/16/10 at 7:37 pm #
  14. hai my name is bhimarow nayak shahapur

    Comment by bhimaRow on 12/07/10 at 9:44 pm #
  15. I love the nutrageous candy bars,,, the best candy bar of all times,,,,but it is so hard to find them in my area,,,Louisa, Kentucky..My husband travels some with his job & will bring me a nutrageous when coming back home…Please let me know why it is so hard to find.. I would love to have a case of the candy..Maybe it would be possible for you to send me a case ..I would love that.

    Comment by Kathie on 8/16/11 at 3:50 pm #
  16. This candy bar is nearly perfect. The combination of peanuts, peanutty cream and melt in your mouth chocolate is just YUMMY! After reading the comments,I’m afraid they will begin disappearing here soon. It’s the story of my(candy)life. So far, they are plentiful in N. Eastern WA.

    Comment by Suzanne Zigrang on 2/05/14 at 4:36 pm #
  17. I have been buying these for about a month now from my local Walmart. Every bar I opened had the caramel leaking out of the bar and sticking to the wrapper. I don’t understand what had happened except they got very warm in transit or storage. I’m going to stop buying them for at least another month and maybe forever because this is unacceptable to me. It’s like eating a gooey pile of chocolate peanuts.

    Comment by Rich on 8/11/14 at 5:03 pm #
  18. Has the recipe changed recently? Had 2 king-size nutrageous bars that were way sweeter than I remember last year—like the caramel was doubled and peanut butter reduced. Anyone else notice this?

    Comment by Lucille on 2/14/15 at 1:06 pm #
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