Thursday, December 9, 2010

Haviland Dark Chocolate Covered Thin Mints

Haviland Dark Chocolate Covered Thin MintsNecco has been doing a lot in the past three years. One of the more exciting ventures have been re-inventing the classic brands and recipes with all natural, high quality ingredients. It started with the All Natural Necco Wafers and then the Clark Bar in Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate.

Now Necco has reinvigorated the Haviland Brand. The chocolate company has a long history but for most of my childhood and early adulthood the company was owned by Borden (more history here) and most of the candy I saw from them was a kind of off-brand of chocolate comfort candies like Thin Mints, Bridge Mix, Non Nonpareils and fruit creams. Necco purchased the company in 1994 and aside from moving the factory, things pretty much stayed the same. But even with its sort of mousy look and mediocre positioning on store shelves, the price couldn’t be beat. The boxes of Haviland Thin Mints are often on sale for only $1.00. Yet I never bought them.

This year they really caught my eye though (I had the heads up from Necco folks a few months ago to look for them). Not only are the new Haviland Dark Chocolate Covered Thin Mints all natural, they’re also using 63% cacao. (And they’re Kosher but no statement on gluten on the package.) Sorry, they contain both milk and egg whites so they’re not vegan.

Haviland Dark Chocolate Covered Thin Mints

The narrow little box holds a brown plastic tray with the patties stored on their sides like vinyl albums. The tray is a bit flimsy and filmy but I admit that it does the job. It’s not really nice enough to serve from, like say an After Eight Mint Box, but they’re easy enough to take out and place on a plate. All 21 of my little chocolate disks were intact. The box has a little tab on the end that helps to close it up after serving.

Haviland Dark Chocolate Covered Thin Mints

The patties are 1.33 to 1.5 inches around and very thin. The minty center is somewhere between the crumbly York Peppermint Pattie and the gooey Junior Mint. The center has a little stringy pull when broken in half, but will stay put and not ooze like a Junior Mint.

The dark chocolate is creamy and sweet but still has a good bitter and roasted note to it. The mint center is strong and pleasant, not too much but enough to linger long after the candy is gone.

The regular price for the 5 ounce box seems to be about a dollar fifty but they’ve been on sale a lot with the Christmas merchandise. They’re a really good deal for a quality product. If you love York Peppermint Patties but have been avoiding them because they’re made in Mexico now, this might be the American company to support.

They also come in Raspberry and Orange which I’ve purchased but haven’t photographed yet.

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Name: Dark Chocolate Covered Thin Mints (63% Cacao)
Brand: Necco
Place Purchased: Rite Aid (Echo Park)
Price: $1.00
Size: 5 ounces
Calories per ounce: 108
Categories: All Natural, Candy, Necco, Chocolate, Kosher, Mints, 8-Tasty, United States, Rite Aid

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  1. I just had some of these the other day! They were exceptionally delicious. I liked their size a lot. It was more fun than eating a regular large size peppermint patty. I want to put some in the freezer and use them as hot chocolate garnishes.

    Comment by Sadpear on 12/09/10 at 7:29 pm #
  2. These are often available at 99 cents Only stores.

    Comment by S. Leigh on 3/08/11 at 10:27 am #
  3. mints looked like they were overheated and were lumped together.  I could not read the code date, but that’s nothing new I bought some other candy at the same Walgreen’s on San Pedro in Albuquerque, only to discover they were outdated by one year.  Same store had out dated Lipton tea and a few other items.

    Comment by evelyn on 11/24/11 at 7:45 pm #
  4. We love Haviland minutes and our last name is also Haviland.we love to but them for friends, family, coworkers but this year we could not find we could not find any within 20 miles of us. We still cannot find any available to buy, we are so sad this year!

    Comment by Rachel on 12/23/14 at 6:46 am #
  5. I saw these at the store
    this morning..I bought them
    because it was a Necco
    product..I bought 3 boxes.
    I loved that they were dark
    chocolate on the mints..
    .My family loved them..
    I never knew Necco made
    these..These are the ones
    that I buy from now on…
    I am thrilled Necco sells
    Thin Mints

    Comment by Maizie on 1/05/15 at 3:26 pm #
  6. It’s getting harder and harder to find these little guys in stores! They’ve been part of my Christmas since I was little, and everyone who receives them as gifts always loves them. Most CVS locations would always carry them, but maybe they’re sold out already this year. Now I see they’re going on Ebay for about 5x their original cost. Wish they were available in more retail stores!

    Comment by Colleen on 12/16/15 at 8:18 am #
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