Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Gandour Bars from Malaysia

I love the names on all of these candy bars! Santos of Scent of Green Bananas gave them to me a while back. They reminded me a bit of my uneven bunch of Peruvian candies.


A crisp wafer plank with two domed compartments with a chocolatey paste inside.

The brand Gandour heralds they have the ingredients for happiness. Those ingredients include shea butter. Okee dokee.

The chocolate filling is rather firm, a little salty and pretty creamy. It’s not very chocolatey, more on the fudgy side. The crisp wafers are fun, though a little dry. The whole thing reminded me of the Happy Hippo, though there’s no hazelnut in this creme paste filling.

6 out of 10 (Halal)


This one is sporting a sassy jungle green wraper and woodsy font. Inside is a stack of wafers and creme then some caramel and crunchies with a mockolate coating.

It’s a big old jumble not jungle inside the package. The lumpy crispies and mockolate don’t quite get a good grip on the caramel and wafer center. It just doesn’t work for me. There’s too much mockolate and not enough caramel.

4 out of 10 (Halal)


M&M knock-offs made with mockolate. These were kind of a hybrid in size between Smarties and M&Ms. They’re bigger than M&Ms but thicker than Smarties. The colors were vivid. Though the package showed red, blue,  yellow, green and orange, I only had orange, red and green in my bag (which held 17 morsels). The mockolate was less milky than the other products and passably good. It actually tasted better than Garfield’s Chocobites. Kind of smoky and rounded, though not quite the smooth mouthfeel of cocoa butter chocolate. For a treat for little kids, I guess these would be just fine, but I could probably only bring myself to decorate a cake with them.

4 out of 10 (Halal)

Tofi Luk

This is one that I had no clue about judging from the name. But the description and image on the wrapper seemed pretty agreeable. A biscuit bar with caramel and a chocolate flavored coating. So it’s like a Twix! The bar was just a little flatter and a little shorter than a Twix, but it’s kind of fun that they sell these smaller portions. It looked pretty good, with the same rippled appearance on the coating.

The inside was a lot different from a Twix. Instead of being a very dry shortbread, this one was a little salty and reminded me of a dense Ritz Cracker plank. The caramel was not chewy or gooey here, just a sweeter texture between the cookie and mockolate (and not always there either). The whole thing had a rather strong “butter flavor” to it.

5 out of 10 (Halal)

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  1. I have to try out this Tourist bars. I love “Kinder Bueno”, but I’ve never seen “Happy Hippo”...

    Comment by nog_lorp on 4/25/07 at 9:22 am #
  2. Hmmm, all these things with mockolate in them - is this what our future holds if that proposal makes it through the FDA? Run and hide, run and hide! (after entering our comments in the official channels, of course!)

    Comment by Tricia on 4/25/07 at 9:35 am #
  3. I love twix, but when I was younger, and have less money after school I always went for a tofi luk since it’s half the price of a twix bar. it’s been ages since I had one, you brought back memmories with this post… not very happy ones though.

    Comment by Mai on 4/25/07 at 7:08 pm #
  4. You know for the life of me, growing up in Malaysia I have never ever once heard of all the candy bars you have just listed.

    Comment by Gwen on 4/26/07 at 10:52 am #
  5. Gandour label is familiar with me. I’m always pick the cheapest brand on the shelf for my nephews ;p
    XL’Z?? are you kidding me? where you guys found? Never seen before! (need to search my local stores+ 7-11)

    Comment by Anuar Salleh on 9/10/07 at 8:59 am #
  6. I represent the largest supermarket group in Africa and we currently import from two Malaysian corporations namely Rhinda Food Industries and Hwa-Tai.Would it be possible to meet with one of your sales representatives?I am in Malaysia from 1 Nov to 5 Nov…

    Comment by Grant Joseph Paola on 10/23/10 at 6:09 am #
  7. Have you heard of Kopiko? It’s another malaysian candy, a small, round hard candy. It tastes of coffee and just a little bit of toffee. If you get the chance to try it, you should! It’s very very nice.

    Comment by damename on 2/02/13 at 11:54 am #
  8. can you give me the solution….my college professors gave us the smart objectives of safari chocolate..its not there on Google..please help me if you have solution.

    Comment by nikita on 5/07/14 at 12:32 pm #
  9. Gandour label is familiar with me. ^^

    Comment by Leo Reyes on 12/03/15 at 12:38 am #
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