Saturday, December 31, 2005

Dylan’s Candy Bar in NY Times

There’s an interesting article up on the NY Times website for tomorrow’s edition about Dylan Lauren, daughter of Ralph Lauren and founder of New York City’s Dylan’s Candy Bar.

Candy-Colored Dreams by Erika Kinetz

There are many interesting things about the article, but one of them is that there’s very little discussion about what she’s selling: candy. There’s a lot of coverage on how she’s selling it, but very little about eating it, tasting it, picking it out, you know ...enjoying it.

Apparently Ms. Lauren understood something her father - who says he does not like candy - did not: “Dylan knew that girls go and love candies,” Mr. Lauren said.

Not just any girls. Girls like her: trim, cool girls with good skin, perfect teeth and stunning clothes. “These Park Avenue sophisticates,” Ms. Lauren said, “who go to the Polo store and spend trillions of dollars on cashmere sweaters are going to buy gummy bears in my store. Just because they buy certain clothes and wear mink coats and whatever, they still have an inner child. They will buy lollipops.”

Ms. Lauren considers herself the model for the sparkling creature around which her business is coalescing: the Candy Girl, who appears every now and again in conversation. As in: “The Candy Girl can be sexy and young and thin. Candy’s not about fat people.”

I hope to visit Dylan’s Candy Bar next time I’m in NY, mostly because I heard that they carry a large selection of hard-to-find bars, like Sifer’s Valomilks. Here’s a cool write up about those in NYC Nosh.

More stories about Dylan Lauren and/or Dylan’s Candy Bar:
CNN: The Sweet Life
The New York Enterprise Report : How Sweet Is It?
Inc.: A Knack for Sweet Deals The Sweetest Gifts
(Yes, I went to great pains to make sure all the stories featured the word “sweet” in their titles.)

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  1. I just went to Dylan’s for the first time when I was in NYC over Thanksgiving. I was there on Black Friday and it was totally packed!! Sadly, the line was so long I had to skip buying anything from the actual store—I found some things you’ve reviewed that I really wanted to try, but I would’ve been waiting forever! I did have a delicious mint chip shake (in a delightful blue color) from the ice cream counter, though.

    Comment by Bridget on 12/31/05 at 9:27 pm #
  2. I have been to Dylans more times than I can count. It is a great place to bring my family and friends when they are in town visiting. They go crazy buying all kinds of different items that are hard to find. I find it over priced but fun none the less. I really enjoy the chocolate covered cookie dough! They have an amazing ice cream selection. They have really unusual creations and mix-ins. The stairs have candy in them and all music that is played is candy themed. There are also “celebrity boxes” that are filled with celebs fave kinds of treats and then autographed. It is also right around the corner from the glorius Serendipity! The wait can be ridiculously long there so Dylans is a good stop to kill some time. I would reccommend it to anyone to see once but if you are just interested in a sugar fix there are cheaper alternatives.

    Comment by sabrina on 2/02/06 at 12:36 pm #
  3. We brought our grandchildren to NY last fall and one of the fun places that we went to was Dylan’s Candy!
    One of my grandsons wanted the “candy pjs”. What a hit! This year I decided to order them so we would have them for Christmas (seven children’s pjs). I ordered on line and received three phone call from Dylan’s regarding my order (which was straight forward). I was told that the web page was messed up. The order arrived after much discussion. Seven pairs of pjs and not one the right size arrived at my door. They were sent overnight air (which was not necessary). They were picked up today by UPS; the driver said they are going back overnight air. I do not know how to get in touch with Lauren Dylan. Can you help me? She needs to know what is going on. I would want to know if I owned this company. Four pairs of the pjs were adults rather than children marked $60 and I was charged $40 (cost of child size).The saga continues. Bottom line: I need a corporate connection. I spoke to four people at the store. I have not put in another order in fear that the dissater will be repeated. I would think that this should be addressed immediately with the holidays around the corner. 
    Please advise:

    Comment by Elaine Conle;y on 9/20/07 at 7:57 am #
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